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Fax Server – Centralized Fax Management


Increase Office Efficiency

Reduce your reliance on your fax machine.

How much time do your or your staff take to deal with paper jams, to change ink toner, or deal with other fax-related distractions over the course of a year? Fax machines are fairly antiquated technologies, but somehow still hold relevance within the construct of the modern office. If you are looking to replace your costly fax machines, Computerware has a fax server solution that is designed to meet your needs.

By utilizing a fax server you can save money in added efficiency alone. It's no secret that fax machines can be a profit parasite. Companies that do not send or receive many faxes still spend an hour a day dealing with fax-related issues. In total, that's a little over nine weeks of pay for an average earner spent directly on faxing. By incorporating a fax server solution, you can cut that number in half.

Reduced Supplies, Reduced Cost

Reduce the amount of money you spend on supplies.

It doesn't take an economist to figure out that one of the best ways to increase profitability is to reduce costs. If you're still using a standard fax machine, then your spending potential profits on supplies needed to keep that machine running. The capital expenses such as purchasing paper and toner can cost your business thousands of dollars a year.

The truth is, in most situations incoming faxes don’t need to be printed. With our fax server solution, you can pick and choose what files need to be printed, and which one that can simply be digitally filed. The faxes may contain crucial information, but don’t have to be printed in physical form. With a fax server, the message is sent to your incoming e-mail inbox so printing incoming faxes is as simple as clicking “print”. Having control over what is printed and what’s not reduces paper and toner use.

In Application Fax

Help increase productivity by being able to fax directly from within applications.

Eliminating any steps in the faxing process can help to increase productivity within your company. Being able to fax documents from Microsoft Word or Excel by simply clicking an icon within the application eliminates the need to turn it into a PDF first, and then having to fax it over.

For more information about incorporating a fax server solution to boost organizational efficiency, please call us at (703) 821-8200.

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