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VoIP is a Smart Move for Your Business’ Communications

VoIP is a Smart Move for Your Business’ Communications

With all the communication tools that businesses use today, there still is no tool you depend on as much as you do your telephone system. Unfortunately for small businesses, the telephone system can be expensive and hard to manage. However, there is a way for you to get a full-featured telephone service with some of the most important communication tools, for a fraction of the price that you currently pay for your current telephone system. That way is through incorporating a VoIP system. 

What Is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a telephone system that uses your business’ Internet connection to fuel its telephone system. Rather than paying a telephone company an arm and a leg for an antiquated phone system, you can now use your existing Internet connection to host a dynamic and reliable telephone platform. There are different tiers of VoIP, but today’s most cost effective, and popular, is a VoIP platform that is hosted in the cloud. 

Using a hosted VoIP system can frequently provide a business with a variety of operational perks:

  • Hosted VoIP is easily manageable - Your hosted VoIP solution will be hosted in a dedicated cloud server, making management simpler and reconfiguration possible in just a few clicks.
  • Hosted VoIP enables mobility - A hosted VoIP system doesn’t restrict your employees to only using their business telephone while physically at their desk. While it will work with a dedicated business phone, your employees can also leverage a mobile device via a dedicated application.
  • Hosted VoIP provides cost reductions - One of hosted VoIP’s most attractive benefits is how it can scale back your communication costs in multiple ways. VoIP eliminates the need to pay for phone services on top of your Internet service, and most “premium” features are generally included.
  • Hosted VoIP incorporates integrations - Hosted VoIP solutions can be integrated into your other management and line of business solutions. 
  • Hosted VoIP offers advanced features - Hosted VoIP has some built-in options that can really be a huge benefit for your business. These include call waiting, call forwarding, instant and text messaging, and video and audio conferencing. 

Naturally, higher-tier plans will have a greater selection of these features available, allowing you to boost your operations even further.

If you would like to know more about VoIP and how it can help you slash your communications costs and reinvigorate your mobile strategy, give the business technology professionals at Computerware a call today at (703) 821-8200.

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