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Streamline Your Communications with VoIP and Save Money!

b2ap3_thumbnail_voip_saves_businesses_money_400.jpgThere are many ways to get ahead with your business. One of the easiest ways to grow your company is to simplify operations. Often times, procedures become overly complex and drag down productivity, making everything more expensive. Having an overly complex communications system is a sure way to stunt growth. You can simplify your operations with VoIP.

Meet all of Your Communication Needs with One Solution!
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a single hosted or on-premise solution that can unify all the communication services your business needs! A VoIP plan includes several services like phone service, virtual fax, video and teleconferencing, instant messaging, and much more. By unifying these solutions under one plan, you are able to consolidate your communication expenses by not having to pay for and manage each service on its own.

Stack Your Services and Save with One Bill
One of the best ways to simplify your communication services is to combine them under one bill. This will make your bills easier to manage and save you money. For example, VoIP users can save up to 80% on their long distance phone bills compared to traditional phone plans. When it comes down to it, the more communication services that you stack with one VoIP plan will free up more money in your company's operating budget. These savings can be spent on other expenses that will grow your business.

The Internet Makes the Benefits of VoIP Possible
At this point, you may be thinking that VoIP sounds too good to be true, and you may be wondering how it's possible to save this kind of money with your communication expenses while enjoying top notch service. VoIP is able to provide you with such dynamic savings thanks to the wonders of the Internet, which can provide more communication features than traditional phone lines at a fraction of the cost.

Because VoIP uses the Internet, it's much easier to add several phone features to your VoIP plan, like caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and much more. With VoIP plans, the service provider will pack as many features as possible into the plan so that it will be more valuable to the user, instead of charging the user for each feature, which is the standard practice for traditional phone companies.

Another advantage of using the Internet for all of your communication needs is that long distance phone charges become a thing of the past. In the very same way that you can browse the Internet all day and visit websites from all over the world and not accumulate long distance charges, so too can you make long distance phone calls all day with your IP-enabled VoIP phone and not get hit with a crippling long distance bill.

A communications tool like VoIP will especially come in handy if your business requires you to travel. VoIP is an inexpensive way to stay connected with the office no matter where your travels take you. All you have to do is find an Internet connection and you can easily talk with your office back home, and even use VoIP to simultaneously talk with multiple offices and employees at once with video and teleconferencing.

Improved Collaboration Makes Everything Better
One of the biggest things you can do for your business in order to increase productivity and efficiency is to improve team collaboration, and this is exactly what you're getting with all the communication services from VoIP. Whereas with your phone bill it's easy to calculate how much money VoIP saves your business, the savings from improving collaboration with VoIP can be difficult to figure out because its effects are far reaching. Improved collaboration from better communication will help to streamline the projects your team is working on, and it will even improve operations by giving your customers more ways to get in touch with your company. This will improve both sales and the quality of your product.

By having more communication tools provided by VoIP available to your company, you will increase collaboration, which will give your organization more avenues for growth and save you money! If you want to simplify your company's communication system and reap the benefits of VoIP, then you can make the switch by giving Computerware a call at (703) 821-8200.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

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