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IT Support Goes Mobile!

b2ap3_thumbnail_2byod400.pngWhen businesses first started outfitting their computer networks with wireless capabilities, you may have only had a couple of laptops in the mix. We are now seeing more devices than ever before with wireless capabilities accessing business networks. This trend is called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and it presents companies with new support challenges.

If you have not adjusted your network's security settings since the early days of your wireless network, then you may be putting your information at risk from the barrage of different wireless devices accessing your company's files. Without any BYOD guidelines, you will see so many different devices show up on your network, like smartphones, tablets, netbooks, readers, and more, that you may feel like you're in a showroom at an electronics retail store.

Before you allow for BYOD, you will first want to prepare your network with BYOD policies and procedures to safely support all the different devices that you allow, while blocking other devices that you don't trust. Computerware can help you put in a strong BYOD plan with policies and procedures that have been implemented in a variety of businesses with unique needs just like yours.

As mobile device sales continue to break records, we are seeing more employees bringing in their new devices to work. In a recent study, 70% of employees that own a mobile device use it at work. For many businesses, the BYOD is common and has become a critical component to workflow. An organization that leans heavily on mobile devices will want to consider providing IT support for these devices. This is a service that Computerware can provide. We can support your devices to protect them from viruses and keep your mission-critical mobile apps running smoothly.

Adding mobile device support to your IT support plan is as easy as calling Computerware at (703) 821-8200. Given the fact that your employees are using their own money to pay for their devices, and then using these devices to accomplish work on behalf of your company, it would be in your best interest to provide their personal devices with managed IT support. Many employees place a lot of value on their devices, and they will appreciate your effort to keep their device in tip-top shape. Mobile device support will vary with each make and model, because there are so many devices on the market, you will want to talk with a technician from Computerware to see if your favorite device is covered.

You may already be experiencing the benefits of having managed service on your workstations and servers, now you can experience this same great service on your mobile devices! This will reduce the risk out of BYOD and keep your company safe from the increasing amount of malware and viruses that are being designed to specifically target mobile devices. Reach out to Computerware at (703) 821-8200 and let us help you protect and manage the personal devices on your network so that you can get the most out of BYOD!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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