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3 VoIP Features that Make You Invisible

b2ap3_thumbnail_busiphone400.jpgRemember when you were a kid and you would spy on your family by picking up the extra phone and listening in on their calls? Everything would go great until you sneezed or dropped something, then your cover would be blown and you would be in big trouble. Thanks to VoIP, you can be a superspy and listen in on phone calls undetected!

Voice over Internet Protocol utilizes your Internet connection to provide your business with communication solutions at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional phone plans. The biggest savings are seen on your long distance phone bills, saving you as much as 80%! VoIP will also provide your business with great features that let you do more with your phones. Some of these, like VoIP Monitoring, Whisper, and Barge, will even allow you to be invisible.

With VoIP Monitoring, you can listen in on phone calls with your end muted. Now you can cough, sneeze, drop stuff, and even watch TV without being detected. With VoIP Whisper, you can be the third party on the line and talk to one person without the other person knowing you are there; and VoIP Barge will give you the ability to break your cover and fully enter a phone call.

Of course, these VoIP features are not designed to give employers the ability to spy on their employees. Instead, they are meant to be used for good by helping you train new hires on how to properly handle company phone calls. Take a cue from the United States' National Security Agency, spying on people unknowingly is bad. If you are using VoIP for any of these spying purposes, then you should probably stop.

  • Being a Creeper: While it's true that you can use VoIP Monitoring to easily listen in on company phone calls without being detected, you will want to not use this awesome power for surveillance. If a manager gets caught spying on their employees, it can lead to a huge breach of trust, lost credibility, or possibly even a lawsuit.
  • Being a Jerk: VoIP Whisper can be used to scare someone pretty good. You can use VoIP Monitoring to listen in on a conversation, and then use VoIP Whisper to shout into the phone when a caller least suspects it. Of course, if somebody really has it coming, then it's okay to use Whisper to get them back.
  • Being a Control Freak: VoIP Barge is a great training tool to take over a phone conversation if you think your employees are blowing it. Although, you will want to use Barge sparingly or else your employee may never gain the confidence they need to properly handle the phones.

Remember, VoIP Monitoring, Whisper, and Barge are meant for training purposes like, walking a new hire through on how to answer the phone and talk to customers, guiding their conversations to help them land a sale, and fully inserting yourself into the phone call if your expertise is needed. This will make training go smoothly and give you the confidence that your staff can handle all the phone calls your company gets.

With VoIP, you can even use these three features for calls made on the road. As long as the call is made from your company's VoIP phone number, you can monitor it and use all of your VoIP features! To get VoIP for your organization, call Computerware at (703) 821-8200.

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Saturday, April 04, 2020

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